Indicates the number of times that InfoPrint should try to submit a job to this device after an initial failure.

GUI label

Number of times to retry jobs


AIX, BSD, CUPS, PSF, Passthrough, IPP


Resettable, single-valued

Allowed Values

You can enter an integer from 0 through 2147483647.

Default Value


Usage Guidelines

  • Values greater than 0 are useful when poor network line quality causes temporary loss of communication between this actual destination and the backend program. A second or subsequent attempt to submit the job can succeed if communication can be reestablished.
  • If the job cannot be submitted in the specified number of attempts, InfoPrint disables the destination and places it in the needs-key-operator state.
  • The job-retry-interval actual destination attribute indicates the number of seconds between attempts.
  • If the value of this attribute is 0, the job-retry-interval attribute is ignored.
  • If the value of the job-retry-interval attribute is 0, this attribute is ignored.
  • On InfoPrint Manager for Windows, the job-retry-count-limit should not be set to a large value if the job-retry-interval is set to a small value because several processes start and terminate on each retry. After a period of time, such retries could result in the InfoPrint Manager server stopping or the Windows operating system becoming unresponsive.