Indicates whether this actual destination supports printing on one or two sides of the media.

GUI label

Sides allowed


AIX, BSD, CUPS, PSF, InfoPrint 2000, Passthrough


Resettable, multi-valued

Allowed Values

You can enter an integer of 1 or 2.

Default Values

With AIX, PSF, and BSD, if SNMP communication is active, InfoPrint queries the printer device and sets the values according to the response; otherwise, the default follows:

No default value
PSF (when created with the Standard or Basic (InfoPrint Manager Administration GUI)
1, 2

Usage Guidelines

  • You can use this attribute to restrict jobs sent to this actual destination according to the capacity of the output device or your policy for output device use.
  • InfoPrint compares the document attribute sides to this attribute for scheduling.
  • The InfoPrint Manager server can automatically set the value for sides-supported for an SNMP printer only if you do not explicitly set the attribute when creating or modifying the actual destination or if you reset the attribute to the InfoPrint Manager default.
  • For CUPS DSS destinations, the ability to print on two sides of the media depends on the printer driver file (PPD) associated with the printer-model.