Connectors Tab

When you create a hot folder or a printer, you must associate it with a connector. Registered connectors are listed in RICOH Account Administration, in the Connectors tab.

Connectors tab

Here are the actions that you can do on this tab:

  • View all the registered connectors and their properties, such as: Status, Version, Platform, or the last time they were contacted.
  • Download the latest RICOH Cloud Connector version for your operating system.

    Click Download and select the operating system.

  • Generate a one-time code to register a cloud connector.

    Click Generate one-time code.

  • Edit, delete, or view the connections associated with a connector.

    Right-click a connector and select an option from the menu.

    • To edit a connector, the server that the connector is defined on must be running and you must have a working network connection with it.
    • When you delete a connector, the RICOH Cloud Connector instance is not uninstalled but it becomes unregistered from the cloud. The associated hot folders and printers are disconnected and associated subscriptions might be affected.

      If you register a new cloud connector, the hot folders and printers that no longer have a cloud connector assigned are automatically associated with the new cloud connector.

Clicking , the tools icon, opens a menu from which you can refresh the information in the table and manage the table columns.