Getting Started with RICOH TotalFlow Cloud for Administrators

Administrators set up TotalFlow Cloud objects and applications to prepare them for others to use. They create user IDs for others and stay aware of scheduled downtime, system updates, and subscription information.

Administrators complete most of their tasks in the RICOH Account Administration application, but might also access and use other applications.

To get started with RICOH TotalFlow Cloud as an Administrator:

  1. Log in and change your password.
    When your user ID is created, you receive an email inviting you to log in and start to use RICOH TotalFlow Cloud applications. The first time you log in, you must reset your password.
    • Ricoh only creates one user for your account. That user is an administrator. If you are the first user, you are responsible for adding more users and giving them access to the correct applications. You can create other administrators and delegate responsibilities to them.

    As an Administrator, you are directed to the Account Administration application.

  2. Take action on cookie settings.
    TotalFlow Cloud applications use cookies, some of which are required. Review Managing cookie settings to learn more about cookies and the actions you can take.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the application interface. Review these topics:
  4. Review your account information and subscriptions.
  5. Learn about the components of your system, so you can start to plan the objects you need to create.
  6. Use the procedures included in this section and in the Configuring section to create the user IDs and other objects required in your account.