Managing cookie settings

RICOH TotalFlow Cloud applications use cookies to improve your experience with our software. You can control the settings for some of those cookies.
RICOH TotalFlow Cloud applications might use these types of cookies:
Strictly necessary cookies
These are cookies that are essential for our applications to function. If you choose not to accept these cookies, you might be unable to log in to our applications or to use other essential features.
Performance cookies
Performance cookies, also known as statistics cookies, collect information about how well our applications function. This information is aggregated and made anonymous, so it cannot be used to identify you.
Performance data collected includes information gathered by Google Analytics. To prevent your data from being collected by Google Analytics, turn off performance cookies.
Functionality cookies
Functionality cookies, also known as preferences cookies, remember information such as the last page you visited or what language you prefer.
Marketing cookies
Marketing cookies collect information about your online activity to help deliver relevant advertising.

To manage cookie settings:

  1. Log in to any TotalFlow Cloud application.
  2. In the banner, click account icon, the Account icon, and select Cookie Settings.
  3. In the Cookie Settings dialog, click View Cookie Statement to see a list of the cookies used in TotalFlow Cloud applications and their descriptions.
  4. Use the switches to turn each type of cookie on or off.
    By default, all cookies are turned on:
  5. Click OK.