Setting up to send data to RICOH Supervisor

The RICOH Supervisor settings let you configure the system to send data to RICOH Supervisor.

The data that you send to RICOH Supervisor must be stored in the Reports database by the RICOH ProcessDirector data collectors. Before you do this procedure, you need to configure the Reports feature, including setting up data collectors and workflow steps to gather the data that you want to send to RICOH Supervisor. The data collected by the data collectors before setting up a RICOH Supervisor data transmitter can be used in RICOH Supervisor after the transmission is enabled.

  • Make sure that you have enabled data capturing in Reports Database Settings and for each data collector you want to collect data.

To create a connection to RICOH Supervisor and to transmit data, you must complete a series of steps. The data connection requires you to create a credential and a data transmitter. The credential uses an authentication code to create a certificate that authenticates with RICOH Account Administration for access to Ricoh cloud applications. To get access to RICOH Account Administration, contact the system administrator for RICOH Supervisor.

After you create a certificate that authenticates RICOH ProcessDirector to Ricoh cloud, you must create a RICOH Supervisor data transmitter that enables the data transmission.

  • Only one Ricoh cloud credential and one RICOH Supervisor data transmitter can be created for sending data to RICOH Supervisor.

To set up to send data to RICOH Supervisor:

  1. Click the Administration tab.
  2. In the left pane, click Settings RICOH Supervisor.
  3. Go to Settings and set the values for these properties:
    1. Select the time zone for the RICOH ProcessDirector primary computer from the Primary computer time zone list.
    2. Enter the name of the RICOH ProcessDirector system in the System display name field. The name identifies your RICOH ProcessDirector system in RICOH Supervisor.
    3. If you choose to use a proxy server, make sure that the proxy server is configured on the System Settings page.
    4. Click Save settings.
  4. In the Credential section, click Add icon, the Add icon, to create a Ricoh cloud credential. A new dialog opens to set up the credential:
    1. Fill in the fields in the General section.
    2. In the Certificate section, click Generate code. RICOH Account Administration opens in a new tab.
    3. Log in to RICOH Account Administration and copy the code.
    4. Return to RICOH ProcessDirector and paste the generated code into the One-time code field.
    5. Click OK to generate the certificate and save the credential.
  5. In the Data Transmitter section, click Add icon, the Add icon, to create a new RICOH Supervisor data transmitter. A new dialog opens to set up the data transmitter:
    1. Review the current values for the properties and make any required updates on all the tabs. To see information about any of the properties, click the question mark button next to the property name.
    2. When all the settings are configured correctly, click the switch at the top of the General tab to enable the data transmitter.
    3. Click OK.
If all settings are configured correctly, you should see a green check mark in front of every section. The first data transmission occurs on the schedule you set. The first transmission could take a while to complete, even if only a small amount of data is sent. The upper right corner of the RICOH Supervisor Settings page shows the status of the connection and the date and time of the last successful transmission.