Task checklist

Here are the tasks you need to complete in this chapter. Check each item as you complete the task.

Checklist for completing installation tasks

  Preparing the primary computer for installation

Use this procedure to make sure that you are ready to run the installation program.


Downloading installation files

If you do not have installation discs, use this procedure to download ISO images of them.

  Optional: Installing from a remote directory

You can use a remote directory to install RICOH ProcessDirector or a Secondary Server feature without using a DVD. You can use a DVD drive on a different computer to copy the installation programs into the remote directory on your network. The remote directory holds the installers so you can access them from the computers that you want to install RICOH ProcessDirector on. The remote directory can be located on the computer that you plan to install RICOH ProcessDirector on.

  Installing the base product

Use this procedure to install RICOH ProcessDirector.

  Optional: Installing a manual failover environment

Installing a manual failover environment lets you create a backup of the production server. If the production server becomes unavailable, processing moves to the failover server until the production server is available again.

  Troubleshooting installation errors

If you have trouble installing RICOH ProcessDirector, you can find information in the installation logs.