Make the following preparations before starting this application.
  • To print documents using this application, you must register a printer. Make sure that both the computer and printer you want to use are properly connected to the network.
    For more information about printers that are compatible with this application, see the Printer Connector Readme. For more information about how to connect the printer to a network, see your printer documentation.
  • To print jobs using TotalFlow Production Manager, you must first set up TotalFlow Production Manager and make sure it is connected to the network.
    For more information, see the TotalFlow Production Manager documentation.
  • If the Windows firewall is enabled, you must register the following programs as firewall exceptions to make sure that they are not blocked and that the application can function correctly:
    • Installation path of this application\svc\jre\bin\java.exe
    • Installation path of this application\svc\bin\TwainAccessor.exe
    • Installation path of this application\svc\bin\impostrip\externals\ite\bin\win64\mongod.exe
    • Installation path of this application\svc\bin\impostrip\externals\ite\bin\win64\node.exe
    If you selected the default installation path when you installed TotalFlow Prep, Installation path of this application refers to the following folder:
    • C:\Program Files\RICOH\TotalFlow Prep\
    For more information about registering firewall exceptions, see the Windows Help.
    Note: If you upgraded from an older release of TotalFlow Prep, the new version is installed in the same folder as the previous version.