Printer Attributes Symbols to Use in Commands

The printer attributes can be used as symbols in commands of passthrough printers or the Run external application activity.

Printer Attribute Symbols in Commands

Symbol for the printer attribute Name of the property displayed on the user interface
${Printer.ColorMode} Color mode
${Printer.CommunicationProtocol} Printer language
${Printer.CommunityName} Community name
${Printer.CustomerName} Customer name
${Printer.Description} Description
${Printer.Enabled} Enabled
${Printer.EnableOnRestart} Keep printer state after restart
${Printer.FoldingCapable} Folding
${Printer.ID} Name
${Printer.JobSize} Job total sheets supported
${Printer.Language} Messages language
${Printer.LoadedPapers} Loaded papers
${Printer.MaxConcurrentJobs} Maximum concurrent jobs
${Printer.Model.Specific} Model
${Printer.OperatorInstInputTrayName} Input tray for separator pages
${Printer.PagesPerMin} Printer speed (pages per minute)
${Printer.PunchCapable} Punch
${Printer.Recovery.Delay} Recovery delay
${Printer.Recovery.Printer} Backup printer
${Printer.SerialNumber} Serial number
${Printer.SNMPActiveVersion} Active version
${Printer.SNMPAuthPasswd} Medium security password
${Printer.SNMPAuthType} Authentication type
${Printer.SNMPContextName} Context name
${Printer.SNMPPrivacyPasswd} Maximum security password
${Printer.SNMPPrivacyType} Privacy type
${Printer.SNMPSecurityLevel} Security level
${Printer.SNMPStatus} SNMP status
${Printer.SNMPUsername} User name
${Printer.SNMPVersion} Version requested
${Printer.SNMPVersionFallback} Version fallback
${Printer.StapleCapable} Staple
${Printer.Status} Status
${Printer.TCPIP.Address} TCP/IP address or host name
${Printer.Type} Type
${Printer.UseSNMP} Use SNMP
${Printer.Version} Version