Using Job Attributes Symbols in Commands

The job attributes can be used as symbols in commands of passthrough printers or the Run external application activity. When the command is executed the symbol is replaced with the value of the specified property of the job that is being printed on a passthrough printer or processed by a Run external application activity.

For example, this command copies the print file of the job to the c:\test folder:

copy ${getAbsoluteFileName(print,(pcl,ps,pdf),read)} c:\test\${Job.Name}
The name of the destination file will be the value of the Name property of the job.

Job Attribute Symbols in Commands

Symbol for the job attribute in commands Name of the property displayed
${Job.Name} Name
${Job.ID} ID
${Job.SumaryPhase} Current phase
${Job.PhaseProgress} Progress
${Job.State} State
${Job.UserName} User name
${Job.PredictedPrinter} Predicted printer
${Job.JobSize} Total sheets
${Job.SubmitTime} Submitted
${Job.DueDate} Due
${Job.DueDateCategory} Due date category
${Job.Copies} Copies
${Job.ColorPages} Color Pages
${Job.BwPages} BW Pages
${Job.UserCode} User Code
${Job.Duplex} 1 sided / 2 sided
${Job.Media} Paper settings
${Job.OutputBin} Output tray
${Job.Punch} Punch
${Job.RequestedPrinter} Requested printer
${Job.Staple} Staple
${Job.RetainUntil} Store until
${Job.CustomerName} Customer
${Job.OrderNumber} Order number
${Job.Connection} Connection
${Job.Description} Description
${Job.InputDatastream} Input data format
${Job.PDF.Format} PDF format
${Job.InputFile.Size} Input file size (bytes)
${Job.WaitReason} Wait reason
${Job.TotalPages} Pages
${Job.TotalSheets} Sheets
${Job.PagesStacked} Pages printed
${Job.SheetsStacked} Sheets printed
${Job.CopiesStacked} Copies printed
${Job.Print.CumulativePagesStacked} Cumulative pages printed
${Job.Print.CumulativeSheetsStacked} Cumulative sheets printed
${Job.CurrentPrinter} Current printer
${Job.Print.AssignPrintTime} Assigned to printer
${Job.PageRange} Page range
${Job.ReleaseToPrint} Hold until
${Job.PrintControl} Print mode
${Job.FoldOptions} Folding
${Job.RetainStartTime} Storage start time
${Job.JobType} Workflow
${Job.StepAlias} Current activity
${Job.ColorMode} Color/Black and white
${Job.Priority} Priority
${Job.ReprintCount} Number of reprints