Working with Reports

TotalFlow Production Manager provides reports that you can use for capacity planning, production efficiency measurement and optimization, and problem determination.

TotalFlow Production Manager collects data about job events and printer activity, and then generates reports based on the data. You can use any of the reports that TotalFlow Production Manager supplies; or you can customize the reports to create your own.

TotalFlow Production Manager lets you:

  • View reports
  • Modify the supplied reports to create your own customized reports
  • Save and delete reports
  • Export reports as PDF or comma-separated value (CSV) files so you can print them or manipulate the data in spreadsheets or other application.
  • Create custom reports.

Important: All reports provide information based on data received from printers and controllers. Therefore, TotalFlow Production Manager does not guarantee the reporting values to be accurate. User actions such as imposition, page exceptions, deleting jobs while printing, and others might affect the actual numbers.  Also, printer operations, such as jam recovery, might affect accuracy.