Backup and Restore

To prevent loss of data from a system failure or to recover data, TotalFlow Production Manager provides backup and restore programs.

The backup program saves this data:

  • System data, such as users, workflows, and printers stored in the database
  • Control files, such as those used for header pages
  • User data, such as job files in the spool directory
Then, if you need to reinstall TotalFlow Production Manager, you can run a restore program to recover your data. System data and control files are always backed up and restored. As an option, you can back up and restore user data.

  1. You cannot use the backup and restore programs to copy or move TotalFlow Production Manager from one computer to another unless the two computers have the same host name. You can copy objects from one computer to another with a different host name by exporting them from the first computer and importing them to the second.
  2. You cannot use the backup and restore programs to back up data from one version of TotalFlow Production Manager and restore it to another version.