Paper Property Values

When you create a TotalFlow Production Manager paper to represent a paper in a printer paper catalog, set its properties to the values in these tables.

For details about supported paper types, how to load paper into the trays, and other information about paper types, see the documentation provided with your printer device.

Printing on Thin, Plain, or Thick Paper

In this table, printer devices are classified by type. If a printer device type has no value for a paper type, the printer device does not support that paper type.

If you print on any of the paper types listed in this table, set the Weight (gsm) property in the TotalFlow Production ManagerProperties for Paper dialog according to your printer device. Accept the defaults for these properties:

  • Paper type
  • Color
  • Recycled content (%)
  • Preprinted
  • Prepunched
  • Texture
  • Coating (front side)
  • Opacity
Changing the default can override the value of the Weight (gsm) property.

Printer paper type Type A Type B Type C Type D Type E Type F Type G Type H Type I
Thin Paper   40–51 52–65 52–65 60–75 60–63 52.3–63   60–63
Plain Paper 52–90 52–105 66–80 66–80 76–100 64–80 64–80 52.3–104 64–80
Plain Paper 2     81–99 81–100   81–105 81–105   81–105
Middle Thick   106–163 100–127 101–127 101–126 106–163 106–163   106–163
Thick Paper 1 91–216 164–216 128–163 128–169 127–156 164–220 164–220 52.3–104 164–220
Thick Paper 2   217–256 164–249 170–249 157–220 221–256 221–256   221–256
Thick Paper 3   257–300 250–300 250–300 221–300 257–300 257–300   257–350

Printing on Other Paper Types

For paper types other than the ones listed in the previous table, set the properties in the TotalFlow Production ManagerProperties for Paper dialog according to this table. If the table does not show a value, accept the default. Changing the default can override the values of other properties, especially Weight (gsm).

Part 1 of table
Printer paper type TotalFlow Production ManagerPaper type Weight (gsm) Color Recycled content (%) Preprinted
Color Paper 1 Plain   Any color except Blue, Gray, Green, Ivory, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, or Yellow    
Blue Plain   Blue    
Gray Plain   Gray    
Green Plain   Green    
Ivory Plain   Ivory    
Orange Plain   Orange    
Pink Plain   Pink    
Purple Plain   Purple    
Red Plain   Red    
Yellow Plain   Yellow    
Recycled Paper Plain     1–100  
Preprinted Plain       Yes
Prepunched Plain        
Special Paper Plain        
Special Paper 1 Plain        
Special Paper 2 Plain        
Special Paper 3 Plain        
Special Paper 4 Plain        
Special Paper 5 Plain        
Special Paper 6 Plain        
Coated Paper Plain        
Coated Paper 1 Plain        
Coated Paper 2 Plain        
Coated Paper 3 Plain        
Translucent Paper Plain        
OHP Transparency        
Envelope Envelope        
Label Paper Labels        
Letterhead Letterhead        
Tab Stock Tab stock, Full cut tabs, or Pre-cut tabs        
Part 2 of table
Printer paper type Prepunched Texture Coating (front side) Opacity
Color Paper 1     None  
Blue     None  
Gray     None  
Green     None  
Ivory     None  
Orange     None  
Pink     None  
Purple     None  
Red     None  
Yellow     None  
Recycled Paper     None  
Preprinted     None  
Prepunched Yes   None  
Special Paper   Light cockle None  
Special Paper 1   Light cockle None  
Special Paper 2   Machine finished None  
Special Paper 3   Mottled None  
Special Paper 4   Traditional laid None  
Special Paper 5   Calendered None  
Special Paper 6   English None  
Coated Paper     Coated  
Coated Paper 1     Coated  
Coated Paper 2     Glossy  
Coated Paper 3     Matted  
Translucent Paper     None Translucent
OHP     None Transparent
Envelope     None  
Label Paper     None  
Letterhead     None  
Tab Stock     None