Restoring Data

If you used the aiwbackup program to back up TotalFlow Production Manager, use either the aiwrestore program or the restoration procedure in the TotalFlow Production Manager installer to return to the configuration that you stored in a backup archive.
Important: The aiwrestore program stops TotalFlow Production Manager automatically. If you use any other program to restore backed-up data, stop TotalFlow Production Manager first.

To restore the data during the installation process, click Yes in the Restore Data dialog window, then specify the archive from where the data to be restored.

To restore TotalFlow Production Manager data from the command line:

  1. Log in to Windows as an administrator.
  2. Reinstall TotalFlow Production Manager.
    See the TotalFlow Production Manager Setup Guide for instructions.
  3. For an optimal display of language characters, set the font to Consolas or Lucida Console.
    1. Open a Command Prompt window.
      Dragging an activity in the Workflow Editor pod
    2. Right-click the command line icon, then click Properties.
    3. In the Font dialog, select either Consolas or Lucida Console, to change the default font, then click OK to save the new setting.
  4. Open a new Command Prompt window.
    In Windows Server 2008 or later versions of Windows, right-click the Command Prompt icon and click Run as Administrator.
  5. Enter one of these commands:
    • To restore system data, control files, jobs, input files, and job files (the files in the spool directory that contain job information, including copies of input files):

      The default location where the backup data is restored is installation_drive:\installation_folder\bin\

    • To restore system data, control files, and so on, but not jobs or job files:
      installation_drive:\installation_folder\bin\aiwrestore.bat -r

      Important: If you used the -r option when you backed up TotalFlow Production Manager, you should also use it when you restore the system.

      • On aiwbackup, the -r option does not save jobs or job files.
      • On aiwrestore, the -r option does not restore jobs.
    • To specify a name and location of the archive where you want to restore the data:
      drive_name:\folder_name\bin\aiwrestore.bat -r -f
    The -f option specifies the name and location of the archive that contains the restored data.

    You see a confirmation message.

  6. Enter Y to proceed with the restore.
    You see a message saying that the operating system must be restarted.
  7. Restart your operating system.
  8. Start TotalFlow Production Manager.
    See the TotalFlow Production Manager Setup Guide for instructions.

Note: If you restore your data on a trial or basic version of TotalFlow Production Manager, make sure that the maximum number of printers allowed on that version is not exceeded. Otherwise, the printers are restored but they cannot be enabled.