Alias File

The alias file (alias.fnt) lists the font metric file name and the font family name aliases in the FONT section. Font family name aliases let you change all of the requested instances of a font family name (as defined in the character set definition file) to another font family name.
Alias File Example shows an example of how the alias.fnt file is used with the AFP2PDF Transform to change all requests for the SonoranSerif font to requests for the Times font, which is one of the base fonts available in the Adobe Acrobat Viewer.

Alias File Example

; ***** Requested font = font name,Font metric/AFM filename (or 'NULL' for not 
used); SonoranSerif=Times, NULL

Syntax rules

  • If multiple mappings are listed in the file for the same family name, only the first match is used.

  • The alias file is processed sequentially. Items within the alias file are not chained. That is, if Century Schoolbook is set equal to Times, and Times is set equal to Times New Roman, then Century Schoolbook is not set equal to Times New Roman.

  • Blanks in family names are treated as characters. For example, New Century Schlbk is not the same font as NewCenturySchlbk.