Converting line data to MO:DCA-P in sample AFP files

If the sample AFP file contains line data, you must convert the data stream to Mixed Object Document Content Architecture for Presentation (MO:DCA-P) format.

If the sample AFP file is on a z/OS system, you must then send the AFP file and any AFP resources that are not inline to the preparation system.

To convert line data to MO:DCA-P data in a sample AFP file:

  1. Use the AFP Conversion and Indexing Facility (ACIF) program to convert the data stream to MO:DCA-P format. As an option, request that ACIF create a resource group file that contains the AFP resources that the file references.
  2. If the sample AFP file is on another system, use the File Transfer Program (ftp) on the preparation system to get the AFP file and the ACIF resource group file. Use the ftpbinary option.
  3. Concatenate the resource group file and the AFP file that ACIF created.