Configuring and running a set of filters

You can configure and run a set of filters, in a specific order, to process large AFP files quickly and efficiently.
To configure and run a set of filters:
  1. In AFP Visual Environment, open a sample AFP file.
  2. If the file does not contain page groups, use AFP Indexer to create page groups.
  3. Click Mode Pipeline Manager.
  4. Click Tools Manage Pipeline.

    The Current Pipeline Definition list shows the filters currently in the pipeline.

    The Available Pipeline Elements list shows all the filters. You can add some filters to the Current Pipeline Definition list multiple times.

  5. To add a filter to the pipeline definition:
    1. Select the filter on the Available Pipeline Elements list.
      AFP Visual Environment displays a brief description of the filter.
    2. Click Add.
    3. If the filter has parameters, enter values for them.

      If 2 or more parameters have a Group Parameter label, you must configure them as a group.

    4. Click OK.
    5. Edit the name of the filter.
    6. Click OK.
      The filter appears at the bottom of the list.
    7. To move the filter to another position on the list, click Up.

      Note: The order of the filters is important. Running filters such as Indexer and Remove Page Groups in a different order can give different results.

      AFP Visual Environment runs the filters in order, from top to bottom.
  6. To save your changes, click Apply.