Showing page information in sample AFP files

You can show the names of AFP resources (fonts, page segments, and overlays) that the current page in the AFP file refers to and sheet information for the currently displayed AFP page. For each resource, you can see whether AFP Visual Environment found the resource and where the resource was found.

The sheet information includes page placement and the medium map used on the page. (The medium map specifies formatting options, such as duplex options and overlays.)

If a resource, such as a font, is missing, identify the resource directory that contains the resource to AFP Visual Environment so that AFP Visual Environment can display the data correctly.

To see sheet information, you must specify form definition processing (Resources Change Form Definition Settings).

To show page information:
  1. In AFP Visual Environment, open a sample AFP file. Then click Resources Show Page Information.
  2. Click the Resources tab.
    You see a table with these columns:
    • Reference Name: Name of the resource in the AFP file.
    • Type: Type of resource.
    • Resource name: Name of the resource that was found. If the resource was not found, the resource name is Unknown.
    • Location: Location of the resource: inline in the AFP document or in a resource directory. If the resource was not found, the resource name is Not found.
    Note: This table does not show form definitions, color management resources, and data object resources.
  3. Optional: To limit the number of resources shown in the table, do one of these:
    • To see only resources that were found, click Found.
    • To show only resources that were not found, click Missing.
  4. Click the Sheet tab.
    If form definition processing is specified, you see:
    • Active Medium Map: Name of the medium map used for the currently displayed AFP page.
    • Constant Back: Whether the constant back is Yes or No.
    • Constant Front: Whether the constant front is Yes or No.
    • N_Up: Number of equal partitions on the side of a sheet.
    • Page name: Identifier for the currently displayed AFP page.
    • Page number: Number of the currently displayed AFP page.
    • Partition: Number of equal-sized areas on the currently displayed AFP page.
    • Plex: Whether printing is done on only one side of the sheet (Simplex) or both sides (Normal Duplex or Tumble Duplex).
    • Sheet copies: Number of copies of this sheet to be printed.
    • Sheet count: Number of this sheet in the total number of sheets to be printed.
    • Sheet side: Front or Back.

    Otherwise, you see the message "Form definition and medium map processing is disabled."

  5. Click OK.