Using Ultimate Impostrip® with Co-location

You can install Ultimate Impostrip® on the same server as TotalFlow BatchBuilder. When you install several applications on the same machine, they must not exceed the resources of the computer.
To use Ultimate Impostrip® when it is installed on the same server as TotalFlow BatchBuilder:
  1. On the TotalFlow BatchBuilder server, create these folders:
    • One folder for the XML tickets.
    • One folder to hold the audit files generated by Impostrip®.
    The name of the folders is not important, but remember their purpose.
    Note: If you use Ultimate Impostrip®2019, make sure you create the folder for the XML tickets in a location other than the system Program Files directory. Otherwise, Ultimate Impostrip® might not be able to process the XML tickets.
  2. On the TotalFlow BatchBuilder Imposition page, enter the Ultimate Impostrip® port.
  3. Click Connect.