Using Ultimate Impostrip® with a Network Driver

To use Ultimate Impostrip® with a Network Driver:
  1. In the location where Ultimate Impostrip® is installed, create a network share with four sub-folders:
    • One folder for the XML tickets
    • One folder to hold the audit files generated by Impostrip
    • One folder for the jobs to be imposed
    • One folder for the imposed PDF file
    The name of the folders is not important, but remember their purpose.
    Note: If you use Ultimate Impostrip®2019, make sure you create the folder for the XML tickets in a location other than the system Program Files directory. Otherwise, Ultimate Impostrip® might not be able to process the XML tickets.
  2. In Ultimate Impostrip®Preferences XML Configurator, point the Enable XML Ticket Input and Generate Audit XML File For Every Hotfolder Job settings to the XML ticket and audit file sub-folders from the network share that you created at step 1 above.
  3. In TotalFlow BatchBuilder, create a network drive that points to the share that you created at step 1 above.
  4. On the TotalFlow BatchBuilder Imposition page:
    • If you are using Ultimate Impostrip®2019 or newer (New Generation), enter the Ultimate Impostrip® port.
    • If you are using Ultimate Impostrip® 10 or older (Legacy Version), enter the Ultimate Impostrip® Root Folder (Directory Path). If Ultimate Impostrip® is not installed on the same machine as your TotalFlow BatchBuilder, type in the network path.
  5. In the Mapping tab, under Mappings between Ultimate Impostrip® and BatchBuilder, define all the settings using the network drive created a step 3 above. Use the network paths in the BatchBuilder Location fields and the local paths in the Impostrip® Server Location fields.