Creating a new user

To create a new user, click the New User button, in the Users window. The New User window dialog is displayed:

Enter the required information:

First Name
The user’s first name.
Last Name
The user’s last name.
User Name
The User Name must be unique and it is used as a credential to login into the GUI. If the User Name is already being used, an error message is displayed when you try to save the setting by clicking the OK button.
Email Address
You can specify an Email Address.
Select a type of user from the list. There are three options available:
  • Operator
  • Viewer
  • Administrator
  • Custom
The entered password is used as a credential to login in to the application.

To create the new user, click OK. If the provided information is not valid, error messages are displayed to the left of the highlighted fields.

To close the New User window dialog and discard the entered information, click Cancel.