Restoring Data

You can restore the system to a previous state that you saved as a backup. All the saved system settings can be restored, including jobs.
To restore TotalFlow BatchBuilder data:
  1. Open a command-line interface and enter the command to switch to the folder where the restore utility is located.
    cd <install_path>\bin
    where <install_path> is the installation directory of TotalFlow BatchBuilder.
  2. You can also perform a back-up of all your TotalFlow BatchBuilder objects, job files, and system settings using the Backup/Restore window. For more information, see Backup/Restore window, Backup/Restore window.
  3. Enter the restore command followed by the arguments you need to use. The command syntax is:
    restore [-Y] [-?] backup_directory
    Specifies that the default answer for all the future prompts is Yes. There is no further action required from you. This argument is optional.
    Note: If you do not specify -Y, you are notified that the application data from the TotalFlow BatchBuilder system is permanently removed and the server is shutting down. During the restore process, all users are logged off. Enter Y to continue restoring.
    Specifies that the help text should be displayed and the program exits. This argument is optional.
    Specifies the existing backup directory created during the backup process. This argument is required.
    1. If you select back up or restore for All - Job Data and Metadata, you are logged out of the system and cannot log in until the process ends. The system shows the progress status and displays a notification message when the back-up or restore process is finished.
    2. You can restore the system to a previous configuration only if the backup is from the same product version as the currently installed TotalFlow BatchBuilder version.
    3. Restore the system when the system services are off from the Admin Backup/Restore.
    • Restoring Configuration and Metadata Only should be performed with caution, only in one of the following situations:
      • after a clean installation
      • when there are no batches
      • when the selected metadata is an extension of the current metadata (that is, all current inputs and outputs are included in the backup that needs to be restored)