Backing up Data

You can back up all current TotalFlow BatchBuilder objects and system settings.
To back up TotalFlow BatchBuilder data:
  1. Click the Backup TotalFlow Batch Builder shortcut on the desktop.
  2. When prompted, enter Y in the command-line interface to continue with the back-up process.
    The command syntax is:
    backup [-Y] [-?] [directory]
    Specifies that the default answer for all the future prompts is Yes. There is no further action required from you. This argument is optional.
    Note: If you do not specify -Y, you are notified that the TotalFlow BatchBuilder server is shutting down and the users will be logged off. Enter Y to continue the backup program.
    Specifies that the help text should be displayed and the program exits. This argument is optional.
    Specifies the directory where the backup data directory is created.  This directory must initially exist on the specified drive.  The default path is <install_path>\Backup directory. This argument is optional.
    Note: If you specify the directory name but the specified directory does not exist, you are notified that the specified directory does not exist and the program exits.
    Note: During either back up or restore, you are logged out of the system and cannot log in until the process ends. The system shows the progress status and displays a notification message when the back-up or restore process is finished.
  3. You can also perform a back-up of all your TotalFlow BatchBuilder objects, job files, and system settings using the Backup/Restore window. For more information, see Backup/Restore window, Backup/Restore window.