How to Generate and Download the Product License Key

  1. To get the fingerprint for the machine where you are about to install InfoPrint Manager, log in to the server using the root user.
  2. On a command shell terminal, run the getfingerprint utility available on the root of the base DVD-ROM or ISO of the product. The output of the command is the server fingerprint needed to generate the license key for your product.
  3. Open the EMS - Entitlement Certificate email and find the EID.
  4. Go to the Ricoh Production Print Software website and click the Software Activation button.
  5. Type or paste the EID into the Enter your EID field.
  6. Type or paste the server fingerprint into the Enter your System Fingerprint field. Make sure to include the asterisk (*) at the beginning of the system fingerprint.
  7. Click Confirm Content. The Activation Content Confirmation dialog is displayed.
  8. Click Activate. The