Start here for a new installation

This section describes how to complete an installation of the InfoPrint Manager product. If you are upgrading from an older InfoPrint Manager version, begin by first following the instructions in: Preparing to migrate to Version 4.13 Return to this section after you have completed those instructions.

The InfoPrint Installer lets you install InfoPrint Manager for AIX and the combination of features that meet the needs of your print environment.

After purchasing the product and feature licenses that you have chosen, Ricoh sends an email with EMS - Entitlement Certificate in the subject line to the email address provided when the order was placed. This email contains your Entitlement ID (EID). Generate your license keys needed for product registration at, using the EID and the fingerprint of the machine you intend to run InfoPrint Manager on. The EID is only used to identify what you have purchased. Register your license keys for the product each time you receive an email with an EID for InfoPrint Manager components that you have purchased.

InfoPrint Manager is automatically installed in trial mode on your server. Get the fingerprint of your server where InfoPrint Manager was installed using the License Key Management