Installing server software and trial versions of features locally (unattended)

Use this procedure to install the InfoPrint Manager software unattended:

  1. Copy the InfoPrint Manager ISO file locally.
  2. To mount the ISO file, enter this command:
    mount /<iso_file_location>/media/<mount_point>
  3. Create a response file containing all the user input. A response file template named ipin_response is included in the media/<mount_point>/templates directory of the InfoPrint Manager for AIX ISO.
    There are notes in the response file to guide you with your answers. For more information about user input, see Preparing to use the InfoPrint Manager Installer.
  4. Copy the /media/<mount point>/templates/ipin_response file into a different directory (such as /tmp), using this command:
    cp/media/<mount point>templates/ipin_response/tmp/ipin_response

    The /media/<mount point>templates/ipin_response file contains all of the potential input variables. See Sample ipin_response file for an example of the ipin_response file.