PSF Command printer

A PSF Command actual destination transforms all incoming data streams into either PCL4, PCL5, PCL5C, PCL6, or PPDS before issuing your print command. Your print command must support STDIN (standard input) for receiving data. Before creating a PSF Command actual destination, you should review the special processing considerations for jobs submitted through this type of actual destination that are described in Processing concerns when using the PCL Secondary.

Create a PSF Command printer when you need to transform incoming data streams to PCL or PPDS and the PSF Other-driver printer is not suitable. The PSF Command printer only requeues jobs, so you have no control and cannot receive accurate job status.

If the printer you are defining is not an SNMP printer, you must configure the psf-tray-characteristics attribute to specify the input tray values (paper types) that the printer supports. For more information about the paper type limitations, see the RICOH InfoPrint Manager: Reference.

Before creating a PSF Command printer, complete this worksheet.

Note: Before using this worksheet to create your InfoPrint Manager actual destination, you ne