PSF Other-driver printer

Create a PSF Other-driver actual destination to represent a PCL printer. By default, a PSF Other-driver printer transforms all incoming data streams into either PCL4, PCL5, PCL5C, PCL6, or PPDS before sending the job to your printer. The actual destination submits jobs to the printer through the AIX backend program that is defined on the printer command (just like an AIX DSS). Before creating a PSF Other-driver actual destination, you should review the special processing considerations for jobs submitted through this type of actual destination that are described in Processing concerns when using the PCL Secondary.

By setting the document-formats-ripped-at-destination actual destination attribute, you can specify particular document-formats (such as PostScript and PCL) that will not be transformed by InfoPrint Manager. Using this attribute, you can eliminate the performance overhead of having PCL and PostScript documents transformed into Advanced Function Presentation data and then into PCL image data when your printer is capable of accepting those data streams.

The use of certain job and document attributes requires the actual destination to transform a job even if the job's document format is listed on the document-formats-ripped-at-destination attribute. For example, if you submit a PostScript job that contains the document attributes form-definition and output-format, InfoPrint must transform this job to honor these attributes. For a complete list of the attributes that force InfoPrint to transform the jo