Transmitting AFP file attributes to MVS systems

InfoPrint Manager lets you specify values to MVS through two methods:

  1. Using specific InfoPrint Manager attributes
  2. Using the destination-pass-through attribute

The CLASS, FORMS, and DESTINATION values allow you to specify values through either method. If you want to send these three values through AFP Upload and Print, as well as the BURST value, you must use the destination-pass-through attribute. If you specify the CLASS, FORMS, and DESTINATION attributes as specific attributes (mvs-class, mvs-destination, or mvs-forms) and then specify a BURST value on the same command or actual destination, InfoPrint Manager ignores the specific document attributes and only passes the BURST value onto the MVS host program. To pass BURST with the other three values, you must use the method described in Using the destination-pass-through attribute.