Associating the post-print accounting user-exit program with an actual destination

You can use the InfoPrint Manager Administration Interface to specify auxiliary sheets to collect post-print accounting information about jobs processed (as opposed to printed) by a selected PSF printer. Start the InfoPrint Manager Administration Interface and select the printer that you want to associate with an auxiliary sheet. Then, click Printer → Properties to open the Printer Properties notebook. To complete this task, see the online help in theInfoPrint Manager Administration Interface, starting with the topic Using auxiliary-sheet objects. Then set the attribute of the auxiliary sheet object using the command shown in Activating the user-exit program .

To activate the post-print accounting exit program, specify psf-post-print-accounting-program-name=ainuxjobcompletion in the auxiliary sheet object associated with the destination.

Each PSF printer actual destination can have one, both, or neither of the two accounting