Activating the user-exit program

Before you can use the new user-exit program, you must activate the program.

From a command line, complete these steps:

  1. Enter this command: pdls -caux -rall servername:, where servername refers to the name of the server you are using.

    This command displays the attributes for all current auxiliary sheet objects available on the server. You can also view attributes for a specific auxiliary sheet object. For example, to view attributes for the accounting log, enter this command:

    pdls -caux -rall servername:accounting-log

  2. Use the pdset command to change the values of any of the auxiliary sheet objects, as necessary.

To do this task from the InfoPrint Manager Administration Interface, you must select the printer that you want to associate with an auxiliary sheet (in this case, prt1) and then use the Printer —> Properties menu to access the Printer Properties notebook. To complete this task, see the online help topic Using auxiliary-sheet objects in the InfoPrint Manager Administration Interface.

Do this procedure from the command line.

  1. To create a new auxiliary-sheet object, type: