Identifying FST users and groups: wildcarding

When you add FST users to ACLs or Security groups, you identify them by their user ID and the computer that they work on in this format: username@computername. The permissions you assign will only apply when that person accesses InfoPrint Manager from that workstation.

If, however, you or any of your users want to be able to work with InfoPrint Manager objects from various workstations, you might not want to add multiple user ID/computer name combinations for the same person—you can use wildcarding instead. When you use wildcarding, you replace the computer name or user ID with the wildcard character (*) when you add a member to an ACL or Security Group. The wildcard character stands for “any computer” or “any user ID.” So, if you create an ACL member called administrator@*, no matter what computer you log on to as administrator, you have the same permissions. If you use the wildcard character before the computer name, for example *@computer, any user who logs on to computer1 can do the actions that the ACL member has permission for.