Using notification profiles with default jobs

When someone submits a print job, InfoPrint Manager sends messages about that job based on a default notification profile. As a result, the delivery method is message, the delivery address is "the user ID of the person who submitted the job @ the address of the system the job was submitted from," and the event identifiers are those listed in Default notification profile settings. (If you submit jobs using InfoPrint Select, the default notification profile is different. See the Working with InfoPrint Select Notifications section in RICOH InfoPrint Manager for AIX: Getting Started for additional information.)

If you want to change the settings in the default notification profile, you can create a notification profile on a default job. There are several things to keep in mind when you set up a notification profile on a default job:

  • You can only set one default job on each logical destination. As a result, all of the jobs will use the same notification profile.
  • If you set a delivery address in the notification profile