Using the command line

To display all the media in specified servers, use the pdls command. For example, to display the media in Server1, enter:

pdls -c medium -r medium-identifier,associated-server,
    medium-type Server1:
InfoPrint returns information similar to this:
A4:          medium-identifier=A4
A4:          associated-server=Server1
A4:          medium-type=
letter:      medium-identifier=letter
letter:      associated-server=Server1
letter:      medium-type=
legal:       medium-identifier=letter
legal:       associated-server=Server1
legal:       medium-type=
A4-colored:  medium-identifier=A4-colored
A4-colored:  associated-server=Server1
A4-colored:  medium-type=stationery

For more information, see RICOH InfoPrint Manager: Reference or the pdls man page.