Disabling autostart

To disable autostart of a server, do these steps:
  1. Open an editor of your choice and edit file /etc/rc.pd.servers.
  2. For each server you want to disable autostart, delete or comment the line with #:

    #startsrv -F -p <port> -l <language> <server_name>


    • port - the communication port where InfoPrint Manager server listens for client requests.

    • language - list the language on which Infoprint Manager server starts (default en_US).

    • server_name - the name of the InfoPrint manager server instance.


      #startsrv -F -p 6888 -l en_US server1

  3. Save you changes on the file /etc/rc.pd.servers.
  4. Next time you reboot, the servers deleted or commented out with will not automatically start.

Note: You can also disable the autostart function on a server using the InfoPrint Manager Management Interface.