Digital Front Ends (DFEs) can produce high-quality accurate output quickly and efficiently. You can use DFE DSS to submit jobs to DFE print servers that drive Ricoh engines.

The integration of a DFE equipped with a print server with the InfoPrint Manager DSS offers enhanced document processing, as well as management and printing capabilities.

InfoPrint Manager authenticates with the DFE server that drives the printer using the credentials provided with the dfe-user and dfe-password attributes.

You can configure it to transform some document formats with InfoPrint Manager while bypassing all others to be transformed by the DFE print server. By default, a DFE DSS transforms ASCII, PDF, PostScript, PCL, and TIFF incoming document formats to PDF.

To configure a DFE DSS printer not to transform certain input data formats, use the InfoPrint Manager Administration GUI. After you create the DFE printer with the Create Printer Wizard, go into the Printer Properties notebook for the printer and modify the Formats to RIP at destination field to configure your actual destination for passthru jobs. The Formats to RIP at destination field can be found on the Document tab of the Printer Properties notebook when all the available properties are displayed. It might be necessary to click Show More to display all the printer properties.

Note: To ensure that jobs are not transformed, avoid specifying particular InfoPrint Manager attributes.

The DFE DSS also supports accurate job completion and job accounting (including the number of pages printed in color mode) which you can control using the wait-for-job-completion destination attribute.