Use the argument values to specify object names, paths, or backup and restore options.

You can use these arguments with the ismu utility:
The value represents the InfoPrint Manager server name.
Archives or restores all pdservers that are found on the AIX, Linux, or Windows machine the tool is running on.
Use this attribute to identify a specific server.
The value represents the System Migration Utility working directory.
Use this attribute to identify a specific folder name for the temporary folder. If the directory does not exist, it is automatically created.
Use this argument to archive the InfoPrint Manager server objects.
Use this argument to restore the InfoPrint Manager server objects that have been archived with the pdarchive command.
  • If the target restore system has a different server name than the one used when archive files were created, it is mandatory to use the ismu utility with this argument in a separate step before the actual restore.
  • This argument requires a specific -pdname value, which represents the archived InfoPrint Manager server name.
  • By running the ismu utility with the pdmodify_to argument, specific objects inside the archive file are renamed to the newly specified server name.
Use this argument to save and archive configuration files.
Use this argument to restore the configuration files archived with the pdsave_cfg_files command.