Configuring servers with a mixed language environment

If your InfoPrint environment is a mixed language environment with separate locales, you must use Creating additional servers or starting existing servers to create separate servers running in each language of your environment. Each of these servers can be named for the locale they support (such as english, french, or german).

These InfoPrint Manager servers do not need to contain any InfoPrint Manager objects, such as queues or destinations. Instead, these servers handle the locale-specific processing of the commands and forward those commands to the InfoPrint Manager server that contains the objects.

For each InfoPrint client that is not running on the same AIX server as the InfoPrint AIX servers, such as the InfoPrint Manager Operations GUI, InfoPrint Submit Express, or InfoPrint Select, you must make sure that it connects to the correct InfoPrint server by setting the PD_SOCKET environment variable to contain the port number of the InfoPrint AIX server supporting the locale of your client. If your client is running in a locale not supported by the InfoPrint server then connect it to an InfoPrint server running in English. To do this task, see Setting InfoPrint Manager environment variables.