Database property names for OutputPDF transform option

Configuration files, functions, and messages about the OuputPDF transform option in the user interface can refer to properties by their database names.

Some of the property values that you see in the user interface are not the same as the values that RICOH ProcessDirector uses internally. When you set the value of a property in an overrides file or an external program, use the internal value. The Internal values column lists the internal values for those properties.

In the Editable column:

  • Yes means that you can change the value in the user interface.
  • No means that you cannot change the value.

Properties for OutputPDF transform option

Database name Notebook tab or section: field name Brief description Internal values Editable
Job.Transform.MapOfJDFToRPDMedia Transform: Path to media mapping file Specifies the full path and name of a file that maps media names in the JDF file created by the TransformToPDFWithMediaInfo step to RICOH ProcessDirector media names.   Yes
Job.XIF.Command Transform: Media information command Specifies the command that retrieves media information from the AFP or PostScript data stream that is input to a step based on the TransformToPDFWithMediaInfo step template.   Yes