Configuring to work with Quadient Inspire Designer for AFP print jobs

Quadient Inspire Connect makes it easier to configure workflows that interact with Quadient Inspire Designer to generate or reformat AFP print jobs.

Before you create RICOH ProcessDirector objects and start to configure them, make sure that Quadient Inspire Designer is listed in the PATH environment variable for the aiw1 user. If you cannot edit the PATH, you must include the full path to Quadient Inspire Designer in the External command property wherever it appears.

Each workflow requires these system objects:

  1. An appropriate input device

    We recommend that you copy one of the hot folder input devices supplied with the feature: HotFolderReformatAFP, HotFolderComposeAFPDataSubmitted, or HotFolderComposeAFPDataRetrieved. All of those input devices have their Batching method set to List. If you plan to submit only a WFD file as a print job, change the Batching method to None.

  2. A step based on the ComposeAFP step template.
  3. A workflow that includes that step.