Step resources

A step resource identifies a file that is used by a workflow step for its processing. Some step templates allow you to specify a file for the step to use when processing jobs. Some of these files might be created on your workstation but need to be available to the workflow when it processes jobs. You can view, retrieve, and replace the file by editing the step resource object.

For example, the RICOH ProcessDirector Plug-in for Adobe Acrobat is used inside Adobe Acrobat Professional to identify documents within a PDF file and extract document properties for each document in a PDF job. The plug-in produces a control file that is used by the IdentifyPDFDocuments step. To have the file ready when the step runs in a workflow, you create a Step resource object by uploading the file. Then you select that step resource as a value for the Identify PDF control file property on the IdentifyPDFDocuments step.