AIWXnnnn Messages

AIWX0010I I: Job {0} passed its preflight check in activity {1}.

User response: This is an informational message. No user response is required.

AIWX0010E E: Job {0} has an unsupported data type that cannot be converted to PDF. Jobs must be either PCL or PostScript to be converted.

User response: Submit only jobs whose data type is PCL or PostScript.

AIWX0013E E: Job {0} could not be converted to PDF.

User response: If the PostScript driver that generated the PostScript file allows, make sure that the file contains ASCII data, not binary data.

AIWX6003E E: Workflow not found: {0}

User response: Workflow is already deleted. Refresh the web browser window.

AIWX6004E E: Workflow {0} already exists

User response: A workflow with the name {0} already exists. Specify a different name for this printer.

AIWX6011E E: Workflow {0} must be disabled first

User response: Disable workflow {0} and try again.

AIWX6020E E: Workflow cannot be deleted because of an existing job.

User response: Remove all jobs from this workflow before deleting it.

AIWX6026E E: Workflow {0} cannot be imported because of the existing jobs.

User response: Remove all jobs from this workflow {0} before importing it again or do not select it in Imported files.