Setting the Time Range for a Report

By default, reports show data for today, starting at midnight local time. You can change this time range.
Note: Reports are truncated at 10,000 records. To avoid truncation, set the time range short enough so that the report includes fewer than 10,000 records.

To set the time range for a report:

  1. In the title bar of the Report_name pod, click Search, the search icon.
    You see this area below the title bar:
    Select a time range field, Start time field, End time field, Apply button
  2. In the Select a time range field, do either of these:
    • Select one of the preset time ranges.
    • To set your own time range:
      1. Select Custom.
      2. Enter values in the Start time and End time fields, in this format: mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm.
  3. Click Apply.