Submitting Jobs with lpr Print Command

This is an example of how you can submit jobs through lpr print command
Before submitting any jobs, make sure that the lpr command is working:
  1. Open a Windows Command Prompt and enter lpr. If the lpr command is available, the Usage note is displayed.
  2. If, instead of the Usage note, a message is displayed saying that the lpr command is not recognized as an internal command, follow these steps:
    1. In the Start menu, click Control Panel Programs Programs and Features Turn Windows features on or off
    2. In the Turn Windows features on or off dialog, expand Print and Document Services options list.
    3. Select LPR Port Monitor.

      You do not need to restart Windows.

Note: The above procedure is for Windows 11. There might be minor differences on other operating systems.

To submit jobs through lpr print command:

  1. Log in to TotalFlow Production Manager as an administrator.
  2. In the menu bar, click Operations.
  3. Make sure that there are a Passthrough printer and a workflow associated with it.
  4. Select the workflow, click More, then click Editor and Properties....
  5. In the Workflow dialog, open the Properties page.
  6. Select LPD as job submission type.
  7. In the All Jobs pod, click Tools icon the tools icon, then Manage Columns....
    You see the Manage Columns... dialog:
    Choose Details dialog
  8. Select the Department property in the Manage Columns..., dialog.
  9. Click OK.
  10. In the Windows Command Prompt, use the below lpr print command line to send a file to the workflow:lpr —S serverName —P workflowName C:\PDF\FileName.pdf —J departmentName.
    When the job arrives in TotalFlow Production Manager, the Department property is set to department name value.