TotalFlow BatchBuilder License

There are different license types:

The trial license expires after 60 days from the installation of TotalFlow BatchBuilder.
The maintenance license expires after 1, 3, or 5 years, depending on the EID provided when you installed TotalFlow BatchBuilder.
The permanent license has an unlimited period of usage.
Important: When the host name changes, TotalFlow BatchBuilder switches from the Maintenance mode to the grace period mode. After the grace period expires and you want to revert to Maintenance mode, go to and login into the account to retrieve the new license file. After you downloaded the new license file, use the Manage Software Keys application to add it.

You can install TotalFlow BatchBuilder in trial mode on multiple machines from the same installation kit. Once the trial period expires, you cannot reinstall TotalFlow BatchBuilder in trial mode on the same machine.

If you decide to register your TotalFlow BatchBuilder product, you must purchase a valid license key. Permanent and maintenance license keys are bundled into a single license key file.