Revoking a license

The Self-service License Key Revoke System (SSR) provides a method to move license keys between systems and recover from system failures
To revoke a license:
  1. Open a web browser.
  2. Go to
  3. Click the Self-Service Revoke button.
  4. Under Revoke By, select one of the 3 available revoke methods:
    • Entitlement ID (EID)

      The EID that you must revoke for the software reporting a license violation condition.

    • Activation ID (AID)

      The AID is necessary when you only must revoke a single set of keys for 1 EID. For example, if you accidentally activated using the wrong system fingerprint and have the AID string available.

    • License Key File Upload

      This is the best general-purpose option for resetting all EIDs installed for a specific product on a given server. You can select a license.key file or lservrc.

  5. Depending on your selection from the Revoke By list, enter the EID, AID, or upload the key file in the Enter your EID, Enter your AID, or Upload Your License File (Max file size, 2 MB) fields.
  6. Enter your company name in the Company Name field. Make sure to use the same the company name used in the original EID email.
  7. To receive the revoke details, enter your valid business email address in the Business Email Address field
  8. Click Submit.
  9. Agree that you have removed any infringing copies of the software and are compliant with product licensing terms.
If your request to revoke the license is approved, you receive a notification on the website within the next two minutes. If your request could not be approved automatically and requires review, you receive an email from the reviewer within the next few business days.