Common input and output fields

The following fields can be found in the user-exit programs. For a detailed list of input and output fields according to user-exit, see the /usr/lpp/psf/exits/ainuexit.h file. This information can be specified from:

  • Migrated jobs
  • Download for z/OS jobs
  • Fields set in the InfoPrint Manager Administration Interface Job and Document Defaults notebook
  • Fields in the InfoPrint SMIT administrator's interfaceSubmit an InfoPrint Job panel
Identifies the user ID of the person who submitted the job. If you log in as yourself and then switch to root, the user ID is root.
Identifies the name of the system (host). The backend program sets the NodeID.
Identifies the name of the job. This is the same as the file name in the job.

Job submitters can also specify the job name with the