How do you manage the contents of the InfoPrint server accounting logs?

Once you specify log-accounting-data=true on either an InfoPrint server or an actual destination, these accounting logs start growing without bound. The accounting logs must be managed carefully to avoid potential performance problems. Periodically, the log files must be either purged or moved to a different directory. If you do not do either of these tasks, your installation will run out of space on the file system, preventing you from printing any more jobs. To avoid this problem, you should purge or move the accounting and audit logs as part of your system maintenance.

The accounting logs reside in a subdirectory of the server's directory. This is a description of the names and location of the files, as well as their default permissions:

$PDBASE/ servername/accounting.logs
where servername indicates the name of your InfoPrint server. InfoPrint provides two accounting logs for each destination: