AFP viewer does not display changes specified in medium map

A medium map is a print control resource object that contains the print control parameters for presenting pages on a physical medium and for generating copies of the physical medium. For example, a medium map specifies medium overlays, finishing, rendering intent, and page modifications. If you view an AFP file that contains a medium map, but you cannot see the changes specified in the medium map, the problem might be the way the AFP file was created or modified.

If you use the afpreorder utility to create or modify an AFP file, it might insert medium maps between pages. The AFP viewer does not apply these medium maps.

If you have the Preprinted Forms Replacement feature, the CombineAFPWithForm step turns on the Constant Back flag when a media object includes an electronic form for the back side and the medium map specifies simplex printing. Those constant back pages are not displayed in the viewer.