Cannot find items in the repository

If you cannot find the data items you expected to find in the repository, there are several possible solutions you can try.
  • If you have multiple repositories defined, be sure that you have selected the correct one for your search.
  • Check the value for Number of results. The search function stops after finding the specified number of results. You might want to use a higher value to accommodate a broader search. The maximum value of Number of results is 999, so if your search options match 1000 or more entries, only 999 are returned. Narrow your search.
  • Check your search options for the proper logical combination (Any means OR, All means AND), especially if you have used the Custom option.
  • If you use like and unlike in the Comparison field, make sure that the wildcard characters are used correctly. Also, you cannot use wildcards with numeric fields, only with character strings.
  • If you are searching for a number, be aware that some properties that appear to have numerical values are stored as text strings. As a result, comparisons might behave differently than expected. For example, 999 in a numerical expression is less than 98765, but as a text string 999 is greater than 98765.
  • If the Value is numeric or is a date or timestamp, make sure that the Comparison is less than or greater than.
  • Check the retention period on your repository. If the job or job containing the document is older than the retention period, it has been deleted from the repository.
  • Make sure that you are searching for the correct job or document properties. You must use at least one document property to find a specific document.
  • Check the properties of the StoreInRepository step in the workflow that was used to write the job into the repository to confirm that you are searching for a job or document property that was retained with the job.
  • Check the status of the job or job that contains the document you are searching for. If the job stopped before reaching the StoreInRepository step, your document is not yet available in the repository.
  • Check the workflow used to process the job to make sure the StoreInRepository step is included. Additionally, if the workflow used to process the job has branches, check to see that the job did not flow into a branch that is missing the StoreInRepository step.